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"Thank you so much for your visit today to my Spanish class at Ernest Everett Just Middle School. My students absolutely loved your lesson, they learned about another culture, and, of course, had a TON of fun! When I returned to my classroom after saying goodbye to you I was bombarded with the same question: "if we meet our next goal can they come back and teach us more?!" Igniting this type of excitement and curiosity is precisely the aim of a teacher, and I cannot thank you enough for having a part in doing this for my students. The lesson exceeded my expectations and I could not have imagined a better way to reward my students for their hard work." -Ilana Rosen "Dear Joe and Leisa, Thanks for a great Superama experience. You and the instructors really went out of your way to make sure we all got the most out of the event. I greatly appreciate all that you did to make that outcome possible. I know you say "an event speeds up your progress as a dancer," but it's hard to understand till you experience an event first hand. Something happens to your skill as a dancer when you immerse yourself in training because there is a goal in mind and a plan to achieve that goal. In my case, that started out very scary because of the speed you were throwing new concepts at me; but in the end, it was just the right amount in the cycle to give me time to work out the kinks so that I was ready for the event. But the event itself was the real training ground. First and foremost was the benefit of immersion into dancing for three days. I could feel myself making leaps each day just by watching hundreds of talented professionals and amateurs move past me with impeccable form and styling. I simply couldn't wait to try out new ideas gained from simply observing others more talented than myself. Second, was the power of motivation. Watching a 98 year old woman swing dance reminded me that dancing keeps you young. Watching the kids perform a salsa formation made it easy for me to smile every time I thought of their cute expressions. General daning with someone my mom's age and getting a big hug at the end reminded me that dancing is one fo the best ways to bring people together of all ages to enjoy a special moment. Getting to know my fellow students a little better brought me closer because it allowed more time to gain from each others wisdom. Finally, watching Joe and many others having so much fun on the dance floor was a wake up call that my dancing should always express the joy I feel when I'm out there doing what I love to do. From now on I will dance with even more skill, energy, and passion because of the experience leading up to and at Superama. Thanks again for helping me realize this soon enough, and for making the process and event so fulfilling" -Stephen Fragapane

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