We’re Back!

We are back in the studio dancing! Are you ready to come back to dancing? If you are, reach out! We have many personal lesson options and new procedures to keep everyone, students and staff, safe!

We have also installed HEPA filters in the studio and Air Knight UV Air Filters in our studio HVAC system. Please see informational picture and video below on the Air Knight UV Air Filters:

  • If you are ready to schedule, call us at 410-772-7880 or email us at [email protected]
  • For our new student contact form, click here.

Here’s what you can expect when you come back to the studio:

When you arrive for your lesson, wait in your car, and shoot us a text or a phone call to let us know you are here!

  1. We are breaking the studio into quadrants, so when you get a call or a text back, you will know to park in the front or the back in order to get to your dance quadrant for the day. If you are in quadrants 1-3, you will come in the back door. For quadrants 4-6, it will be the front door. This saves us from congregating and collecting in the common area in the front of the studio.





  1. Then, when you come in (masked please!), make use of the sanitizing station at the front desk and the front bathrooms to sanitize and wash your hands.
  2. Follow your instructor and head straight to your dance area for your lesson after sanitizing and washing your hands.
  3. Enjoy your dance time! Be mindful of your instructor’s comfort level and they will always be mindful of yours!
  4. Then after the lesson, head right to the bathroom or another sanitizing station to rewash before heading out!

          We appreciate every single one of you and thank you for our patience as we navigate these new health previsions and cleanliness procedures!

          Arthur Murray Dance Center of Columbia